Dario Posada - USA & Colombia

Dario was born in Medellin - Colombia in 1974 and started painting at an early age. His first mural was done at the age of 12.  Throughout his high school years he would draw and paint for the school, for people and institutions. During that time, there was much violence and conflict in his country, war and bombs due to the drug trafficking, living in a neighborhood that was modest and complicated, made him take refuge even more in his brushes and notebooks.
He studied fine arts at the national university and graduated with honors. While studying engineering at another university in 1999 he received an important invitation to exhibit his work in Germany. He left engineering and devoted himself completely to Art.  He received many awards and recognition, traveling and visiting different museums and institutions, managing galleries in Spain and working on art projects for different commercial announcements, Canal 13 Street, Spanish Red Cross, Walt Disney Europe and others.
Since 2007, he has fully settled in the United States, where he has his family and studio. He has participated in different exhibitions around the world, from Central America, Europe & Africa. His works are part of many private and business collections: Siemens Corp. United Nations, A-on Automation, Museum of Modern Art Colombia.  His work is full of color and strong brushstrokes. He likes to paint social icons and political content; his works include important times in history. He likes to play with eras and contrasts within his work.